Guard members are strong and graceful because they practice good technique.

Technique is definitely important to move as a cohesive team. Technique is not just spinning and tossing the flag or rifle.  It is the way you move your body and knowing what muscles are engaged to make that movement smooth and expressive.   

The links below will take you to the videos on my Google Drive.  When practicing at home, use these videos to help you with your technique.  And even when we have the drill for this year's show, do not pass up perfecting your technique.

Thanks, John Sullivan, for helping create these handy videos for the Color Guard.

Click for Videos
Click for Videos
Click for Videos
Body Movement
Jazz Walk
Jazz Run
Chasse Combination
​Saute Combination
Flag Technique
Drop Spins
Carve Sequence
Slam Sequence
27 Points
Single Toss

Rifle Technique
Coming soon

Fitness Challenge 2016

Run a 5K with Mama Hunt

You can't run a race without training!  This is my training schedule.
5 days a week - Walk/Run 30-60 minutes.
2 days a week - strengthening for 30 minutes
Stretching everyday!!!

If you choose to accept this challenge and follow through, not only will you get in shape
for the marching season but you will get a sweet surprise from me! 

We will need to register soon for discounted price.